children’s books: One of the most extensive and significant  individual blogs. local independent bookstore actively presenting author talks and more. Snarky and good. Post your query and she will be truthful. tons of information and guest posts updated daily a young illustrator search for Kenneth Wright, a literary agent at Writers House with good things to say. Nathan Bransford, literary agent at Curtis Brown in S.F. is a valuable resource with a personality. an overview post of various e-readers YA book specific site for teens and writers. Also gives back to community.

sculpture: My page on – International Sculpture Center and publishers of Sculpture Magazine. Website of a sculptor run gallery in the heart of the SOWA Art district in Boston. Internationally exhibited sculptor. Artist organized annual sculpture exhibit in Newburyport, MA, for twelve years. SOWA District gallery The best on-line forum for sculptors I know. I am a Welcome Center moderator. Australian  abstract bronze sculptor, moderator on the ISC sculptor’s forum

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