The Go-Around Dollar is available through Simon & Schuster in hardcover and is a Junior Library Guild selection. Ages 6-9, 32 pages hardcover. Originally Four Winds, now Simon and Schuster. ISBN 13: 978-0027000313. In print since 1992!


My first book, Sand Dollar, Sand Dollar, was in print for nine years. Ages 4-7. J.B. Lippincott, NY. hardcover.

Sand Dollar, Sand Dollar is now available in six translations!

Then, beginning in 2015, it was translated into six languages. Each also has the original English text, so any child can benefit from these books.


Spanish: Galleta da Mar, Galleta da Mar 

ISBN-10: 1683041038

ISBN-13: 978-1683041030


Spanish: Galleta da Mar, Galleta da Mar ISBN-13: 978-1683040002

Portuguese: Dólar de Areia, Dólar de Areia ISBN-13: 978-1683040101

French: Oursin Plat, Oursin Plat ISBN-13: 978-1683040095

Vietnamese: Bánh Quy Biển, Bánh Quy Biển ISBN-13: 978-1683040118

Tagalog: Sand Dollar, Sand Dollar ISBN-13: 978-1683040125

German: Seeigel, Seeigel ISBN-13: 978-1683040699

Bab’l Books, Inc., Utah and

Books I wrote and illustrated:

The Diviner was based on a French Canadian folk story my grandmother told me. Ages 5-8. J.B. Lippincott.

Henri and the Loup Garou, 1982 Notable Children’s Trade Book in Social Studies. Ages 5-8. Pantheon.

After Giants of Smaller Worlds came out, an editor from another company called to tell me that they had also published a book about giant insects, but it wasn’t in color and didn’t show the insects in actual sizes, as my book did. Ages 7-10. Dodd, Mead.

Toasted Bagels. Part of the Break of Day Series. Ages 7-9. Coward, McCann.

Books I illustrated that were written by other authors:

Log Cabin in the Woods was available for years in both hardcover and paperback and was also a Scholastic Book Club title. Ages 10-13. Four Winds Press/ Macmillan. The author (Joanne Landers Henry) negotiated the re-publication of the book by Guild Press, Emmis Publishing, IN, in fall 2002.

How to Survive Third Grade (Laurie Lawlor) Ages 7-9. Albert Whitman.

“Although there’s no official document to the effect, Ernest is unquestionably the class outcast…. It’s the peer dynamics, the lonely protagonist, and the natural easy-to-read style that works well here.” — Recommended, The Bulletin for the Center of Children’s Books

Mrs. Peloki’s Snake (Joanne Oppenheim), the first of a series of three books. It was followed by Mrs. Peloki’s Substitute, then Mrs. Peloki’s Class Play, which in 1984-85 was nominated for The Golden Sower: the Nebraska Children’s Book Award. Ages 4-8. Dodd, Mead.

The author of Orphan Jeb at the Massacree (Stephen Mooser) is one of the founders of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Ages 9-12. Knopf.

Piskies, Spriggans and Other Magical Beings (Shirley Climo). Ages 8-10. T. Y. Crowell.

Milllion Dollar Jeans (Ron Roy). Ages 9-12. E.P. Dutton

Be Kind to Your Dog at Christmas (Barbara Costikyan). Age 8-11. Pantheon.

Gus Goes to School (Jane Thayer) was one of the popular Gus the Ghost series. Age 4-6. William Morrow.

The Day Eli Went Looking for Bear (Michelle Dionetti). Ages 4-7. Addison-Wesley.

The Story of Things (Kate Morgan). Ages K-3. Walker & Co.

Three of my books published by Cobblestone Publishing are available as large format paperbacks. The Struggle for Freedom: Plays on the American Revolution 1762-1788 (Charles F. Baker III) and The Myths and Legends of Mount Olympos (Rosalie and Charles F. Baker III) were illustrated by me alone. Earth Maker’s Lodge: Native American Folklore, Activities and Foods (edited by E. Barrie Kavasch), was illustrated by myself, Chris Wold Dyrud and Tim Foley.


Over the years: Cricket, Spider, Ladybug, Faces, Cobblestone, Odyssey, and Cicada.

Member of:

Long time member of Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Gave a workshop at the 1998 SCBW&I Northeast Regional Conference in Framingham, MA. Member of an on-line critique group for middle grade and YA.


Birna received an Honorable Mention in the Writers Digest Popular Fiction awards for YA short fiction, June, 2016.

I Am Gudrid, excerpted as a novella, appeared in two parts in the May/June and July/August 2014 issues of Cicada Magazine.

Earth Maker’s Lodge: Native American Folklore, Activities and Foods (edited by E. Barrie Kavasch), illustrated by myself, Chris Wold Dyrud and Tim Foley, won the 1995 Book Builder’s Award for Excellence in Graphic Arts.

Open Water was a finalist for the SCBW&I Works in Progress Grant for YA Fiction.

How to Survive Third Grade (Laurie Lawlor) was winner of the 1991 Kansas City KC3 Reading Award, Greater Kansas City Association of School Librarians.

Henri and the Loup Garou was a 1982 Notable Children’s Trade Book in Social Studies.

Mrs. Peloki’s Snake (Joanne Oppenheim) was a 1981 IRA Children’s Choice book.


In addition to my own, I write articles for, a blog of an SCBWI critique group organized by Marianne Knowles.


I taught for fifteen years in the Art Department at Middlesex Community College in Lowell and Bedford, MA and have worked in a bookstore, as a designer for a book distributor, and occasionally write for periodicals. I am a widely exhibited sculptor in welded steel and bronze, a sea kayaker, mother of three, grandmother of five, and wife. My degree is from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and Tufts University.

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