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Children reading electronically

A New York Times article examines the children’s book industry’s new incentive to include digital versions of books for children. Bookmark

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Kalmia in action

At Maudslay Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit, Kalmia, a wind kinetic sculpture. The idea for Kalmia came from the beautifully curving shapes of mountain laurel branches I found at the park. Maudslay State park has the largest naturally occurring stand of mountain laurels in the state. The ones I used died while striving for the sun after […]

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Shaker inspired

Optimism, a bronze sculpture, is a visual metaphor for a human trait that the Shaker philosophy relies on. Shaker Triptych is a three-element wall sculpture made of maple and based on the footprints of three trees: an apple and a pear at Hancock Shaker Village in Pittsfield, MA and a Bartlett pear tree from Sabbathday […]

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Maudslay, an artist organized exhibit

For the past twelve years a group of artists have run an exhibit at Maudslay State Park in Newburyport, MA. This year there are 33 sculptures/installations including Kalmia, which is my wind kinetic tribute. I have participated for nine years. There is a catalogue, given free to the public, that contains the site map, artists […]

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What would you do?

In May I bought a copy of Jump the Cracks by Stacy DeKeyser at the SCBW&I New England “Moments of Change” conference in Fitchburg, MA. Stacy DeKeyser is a writer who has her head in the right place. The book asks “what would you do?” if you were in Victoria’s shoes and saw a teen […]

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POD or traditional publisher?

Friday night Egils and I went to an opening reception at an art gallery where I became involved in an intriguing conversation with William Sargent, the author of a number of books for adults about the seashore and its organisms and other science and nature-related topics. He was excited about a number of children’s books […]

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As I begin “Constructions” I’ve chosen a title that encompasses all forms of creative endeavor regardless of genre. While there are those who may feel that a person cannot expect to succeed in such dissimilar areas as children’s literature and sculpture, I take the opposite view: how can a truly creative person expend an entire […]

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