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2018 Exhibits

My upcoming sculpture exhibits, for your viewing pleasure. The works exhibited are steel or mixed media, except the Etudes. Grounds for Play Fuller Craft Museum, Brocton, MA with the New England Sculptors Association 6/23 – 10/21/18 Reception 7/15/18 2:00-5:00 If Trees Were Men…   Getting to Know You Newburyport Art Association, Newburyport, MA with the […]

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  Sometimes the fascination of items from Norse culture is in the personality and lore of the design and sometimes as a connector to the creator. Reproductions remind us of who came before us. New designs that give homage to the past  revisit what we know in new ways. Handcrafted items by descendants of ancient […]

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Last chance!

We’ve just de-installed Elision from Sanctuary Arts in Eliot, Maine where it was all summer. There’s still time to see Solidarity and the Flying Horse sculpture exhibit at the Pingree School in Hamilton, MA. De-installation is scheduled for November 23rd. Bookmark

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Caring for Heron’s Dream

Yesterday was a beautiful fall day; perfect for a touch-up on Heron’s Dream. This kinetic sculpture, a collaboration between The Acton-Boxborough Cultural Council, the town of Acton’s NARA Park, Carolyn Wirth, and myself, was installed after the pond froze last winter. The grant process, town approvals and contract negotiations meant that I could not fabricate […]

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The Whistler at Sanctuary Arts

Today we installed The Whistler (painted steel, 101″ x 18″ x 18″) at the wonderful Sanctuary Arts in Eliot, Maine. Christopher Gowell is an amazing woman who has collected a vibrant community of artists who take and teach workshops and live life creatively. Josh and Lauren run a foundry there too. And every summer there […]

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Nara Park sculpture name

Usually I name my sculptures myself, but there’s a first time for everything. During a celebration bash that was held June 1 at Nara Park in Acton, MA, a kinetic sculpture that I built, based on a design by Carolyn Wirth, was dedicated. The Acton-Boxborough Cultural Council, a division of the Massachusetts Cultural Council, which […]

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Commission for Nara Park

It wasn’t snowing when we installed this sculpture  in Nara Park, but the little pond was frozen. This commission from the Acton-Boxborough Cultural Council was a collaboration between designer Carolyn Wirth and my construction of the sculpture at my studio. Members of the Cultural Council chose the site, which is just perfect for this wind […]

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Revealed: Outdoor Sculpture at Maudslay

During a Community Residency in at Fowler Dune Shack on the Cape Cod National Seashore, Deb Carey pointed out this survivor organism to me. When the dune eroded, most of this high bush blueberry’s roots were exposed, yet it survived and bears fruit. I was impressed. Bookmark

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Steve Lambert: Capitalism

At the DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum yesterday in pouring rain I voted my opinion into Steve Lambert’s Capitalism: It Works For Me! True/False, which includes a counter of the opinions cast. How would you vote? This future/retro neon thingy was part of the museum’s biennial, installed in front of the entrance. Inside, hidden back […]

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The Library Phantom Sculptor

Alas, I have been so busy with life, so you have not heard from me. But here is something intriguing. My sister Norma alerted me to a certain delicate Edinburgh mystery. This NPR article by Robert Krulwich describes a trail of surprise gifts given anonymously to those with eyes, a heart, and a brain. Bookmark

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Sculpture at Iceland’s airport

En route to a two week trip around Latvia, during a layover at Keflavik airport in Iceland, I experienced Directions, a sculpture installation by Steinunn Thorarinsdottir. Four life casts in aluminum are mounted on columns of basalt, a hard volcanic stone common to this seismic island. The figures face outward, toward the four compass points […]

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Wendy Klemperer video

Wendy Klemperer just sent me this  link to  A fascinating video of her extensive exhibit Re-Imagined at Maine Audubon near Freeport, that has been produced by her videographer sister, Joyce Klemperer. The exhibit, which runs until May, 2011, was curated by June LaCombe Sculpture. Wendy is a sculptor adept at drawing wildlife in 3D. She […]

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The Winged Project

Here is a message from Bob Emser, the noted sculptor, about an exciting new project he is initiating. The Winged Project aspires to install large scale art pieces Bob has designed in major cities in the U.S. He is working with USAproject.org, a Not-for-Profit art organization on the initial aspects of this project. http://www.unitedstatesartists.org/project/the_winged_project As […]

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Wendy Klemperer: gestures of life

  My sculptures use the body language of animals to express a feeling or state of being, with motion conveying emotion. – Wendy Klemperer How did you arrive at your very expressive signature method of drawing in space with previously used rebar? Over the years I have experimented with many sculptural materials, and also painted […]

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Sculpture for Culture

The other day I was showing some images of sculptures by various people to Stephanie Sullivan and she expressed her surprise that there isn’t more public sculpture in the U.S. as there is in Europe and other parts of the world. She is a nineteen-year old who has the right idea. I asked her to […]

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Dale Rogers: a wild man with a plan

Large scale sculpture is expensive to make, a challenge to move and difficult to sell, none of which deters Dale Rogers. His business acumen and energy level have propelled his career as a successful sculptor, allowing him to make an excellent income doing the work he loves. His work has been purchased by sculpture parks […]

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David Davies outdoors

Permanent outdoor sculpture is big and expensive, so how do artists show new work without spending a fortune? This may not be an issue once your reputation and client list are golden, but meanwhile most artists make small maquettes for proposals. David Davies has been working on another solution. His two pieces in a recent […]

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Don’t Tread on Her

Chakaia Booker uses a lowly material to make elegant, intriguing sculptures that have rhythm and varied textures. They are durable for outdoor exhibits and environmentally considerate. She uses recycled common tires, cut up in various ways to yield textures that suggest scales, feathers, hair, basketry and other surfaces. These are wrapped around wood and steel […]

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