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Blog Hop!

When Paul Czajak invited me into Jody Jenson Shaffer‘s Children’s Writers’ Blog Hop I thought – why would I not? The plan, as you may already know, is that each author answers the same four questions on his/her own blog, then invites three others to do the same. Like the branching of a tree, the ideas […]

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William Steig: father of texting?

Millions of people are familiar with the acronyms used in texting every day. w@ (What?) you say? u r ok (You are okay.)  ne1 ne sec (Anyone, any second) can see it’s a word puzzle where some are obvious, others not so much, or are acronyms as learned symbols. But texting isn’t as new as […]

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Royalty Survey Results

Recently I wrote a two-part article on royalty paradigms for a critique group blog called Writers’ Rumpus. In Part II I summarized the results of a survey showing responses by people who have current published books. It was an attempt at getting a pulse on the type of contract deals children’s authors are receiving. You […]

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Publisher-Author Payment Survey

What earnings can writers and illustrators of books for children today expect to receive from a publisher? The range of payment options has widened, sometimes not in your favor. If you would like to see whether the basics of the deal you now have is comparable to what others receive and help your colleagues too, […]

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Kristine Asselin: A Kid-Friendly First Picturebook

Kristine Asselin has been juggling many talents. She is the 2014 NESCBWI Conference Director, writes non-fiction books for the school and library market, has intriguing YA and MG fiction projects in process, and her first picture book was just released. Worst Case of Pasketti-itis, which was illustrated by Luisa Gioffre-Suzuki, tells the tale of a […]

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