Steve Lambert: Capitalism

Capitalism Works for Me! True/False - Steve Lambert

At the DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum yesterday in pouring rain I voted my opinion into Steve Lambert’s Capitalism: It Works For Me! True/False, which includes a counter of the opinions cast. How would you vote?

This future/retro neon thingy was part of the museum’s biennial, installed in front of the entrance. Inside, hidden back of the greeter’s desk, was a video of Steve talking about his philosophical provocations that included a segment from a televised rant by a journalist on the topic of capitalism where he cites a German politician’s slogan that chants “we can do better than capitalism”, a slogan also used by Occupy Wall Street protesters. Here is one excerpt from the video and another, which gives you a hint of what Steve is aiming at. Also included are a few comments by “people on the street” and insight into how the piece was funded. For the real experience, you’ll just have to go to the DeCordova in Lincoln, MA or any other of the sites along the sign’s cross-country tour to see it for yourself. And cast your vote.


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