“The circus arrives without warning.”

That is the first sentence of a new book that arrived on my radar just as suddenly. I should not be surprised at the power of buzz by now, but I am.

On my way to teach my sculpture class yesterday afternoon I heard a thing on the radio about the book that sounded intriguing. Maybe sometime I’d look for it. After  class in the afternoon I went to my mother’s house – she’s 89 and still lives on her own! -  for popcorn and tea. Then we went outside to her pool area where my sister, brother and friends were getting ready for dinner. Norma was telling me about this same hot new book for adults, and young adults. It’s called The Night Circus.  Then I left to go to my writer’s critique group meeting. The woman who runs the meeting started talking about a book she had heard about. Yes, it was The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. So, after I got home last night about 9:30 or so, I had my dinner, then I ordered The Night Circus on Egils’s Kindle and started reading it.

Yesterday morning I had not heard of the book and by last night  I  was reading it in spite of a busy day. I would bet that I won’t be the only one to buy it as a result of my sister’s input or the critique group leader’s. Not to mention everyone else who listens to the same radio station I do.

And the arrival of the Circus is only the beginning…..

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