As I begin “Constructions” I’ve chosen a title that encompasses all forms of creative endeavor regardless of genre. While there are those who may feel that a person cannot expect to succeed in such dissimilar areas as children’s literature and sculpture, I take the opposite view: how can a truly creative person expend an entire lifetime on one idea? That one idea approach has its own minimalist attraction, however isn’t it really somewhat of a hyperbaric chamber?

My own path is constructed something like the trees that I so admire. There are branches that shoot off with fractal energy in many twisting and sometimes delicate forms, but all are connected to one sturdy trunk with a supporting set of roots beneath the surface. If I am simultaneously working on the craft of writing a young adult novel, trying to find an agent for a new non-fiction picturebook and figuring out how to incorporate mountain laurel branches into a steel base I am fabricating that will turn in the wind, I am not being disloyal to any one of these fields. I am simply exercising and honing all of my creative muscles in a holistic way.

My life goal is to express things inherent to me that will enhance the cultural lives of children and adults. So, if you can bear with my multilevel approach, perhaps I can take you for a pleasurable ride involving creative literacy.

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    I love the new blog. It’s great to see all the posts and be able to easily access nice, big images and the videos. The mountain laurel is really beautiful.


    • jaz
      Posted October 6, 2010 at 12:45 am | Permalink

      Thank you! Kalmia received lots of good comments. The site I chose for it was right next to a very large Asian meta sequoia, one of a pair at Maudslay. I understand that they were once thought to be extinct.

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    Dear joyce forgive my intrusion, I’m a new sculptor member at and I know you are an administrator there. I’m having problems posting and haven’t found a way to contact anyone about it -the “contact us” link won’t work. How can I get a hold of Russ to work on this problem?

    Thank you and my sincere apologies

    Christos Koulendros

    delargo (my name on

    • JAZ
      Posted December 7, 2010 at 10:30 am | Permalink

      Hi Chris,
      I am sorry that I could not respond to your message yesterday. I am not sure what the problem is. Russ’s full name is Russ Rubert and he goes by rubert on the forum.
      Do you mean any post at all? That would be surprising, since so many people do, and that would seem to be a Russ issue. Or maybe what you mean is that you want to post images to the Gallery? The problem there may be your file size – the images have to be quite small, but as you can see, they still look decent, if done right. If it is a new thread that you want to post, the button for that is at the top left of the list.
      Have you tried the “Search” button? There you can find detailed explanations of how to size and post images and lots of other useful stuff.

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    Thank you so much for your reply and all the useful tips Joyce. Even though I am a registered user, I cannot post at all (can’t post on threads, start a thread, or anything) and when I tried the “Contact Us” button to communicate with a site administrator, nothing happens (!)

    Do you have an email link that I can contact Russ to resolve this?

    I have a feeling it’s because I use a Mac…

    Thank you again for your time.

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